Equity Compensation

Trying to decide how to incentivize employees? Our equity navigator guides you through your options and gets you to the right choice for your company!

Equity Navigator

Live Webinar: A Guide to Equity Compensation

Join our discussion with Duane D'Orazio for a discussion on equity compensation and the impact it can have on your employees.

Why issue equity compensation?

• Attract and retain goal-oriented employees
• Reward performance and recognize achievements
• Align employees with the direction and success of company goals

What types of equity should I consider?

• Research the pros and cons of Stock Options
• Consider alternatives such as Restricted Stock and RSUs
• Study equity-like vehicles, such SARs, MIPs, and phantom stock
• Is a combination program the best answer of all?
• Will you set measurable goals for awarding equity?• • • Should you grant bonuses to help pay potential taxes?
• Understand legal, accounting, and tax implications for each type