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Raise Capital

Raise the funding your business needs to grow.

Raising capital can be stressful and time consuming.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We provide your investors with the promise of future liquidity, which means you can present a lower risk investment opportunity and close your round faster.

Raising capital can mean losing control

Bringing in outside investors often means giving up equity in your company. The more money you raise the more your ownership stake is diluted.

Sharing ownership complicates governance

Adding new shareholders to your cap table increases the management overhead of ensuring your records are accurate and up to date.

Managing a fundraise is a full-time job

Raising money can be time consuming and stressful taking focus away from the day to day work of building your business.


Share ownership, retain control

 Maintain control of your company AND raise the capital you need to grow. An Nth Round allows businesses to consolidate control using a voting trust while providing all the financial benefits of ownership to investors.

Provide investors with a tangible path to liquidity

Change the risk profile of new investments by putting clear liquidity provisions in place for investors. An Nth Round makes it possible for investors to liquidate their position using a private market you control. 

Roll out the red carpet for prospective investors

Whether you’re raising money for a new business or to grow an existing one, create a better experience for your prospective investors with Nth Round. Invite investors to view your latest fundraising materials in one central location.

Free eBook: Ways to Unlock Liquidity

Learn how to delight your shareholders and employees by using easy tools to unlock liquidity for your private business. Download our free eBook to find out: 

  • Why offering liquidity helps with employee retention and generates capital for private companies
  • The challenges of providing liquidity without losing control
  • Options for creating liquidity in a private market, and the associated obstacles

Supercharge your next fundraising campaign with Nth Round.