Delight Your Investors

Manage equity and investor engagement with group emails, company updates, and dynamic mapping — all in one, secure platform.

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Compliance & Security

Put the Relationship Back into Investor Relations

Streamline Communication

• Sort, filter, and add custom tags to your investors using a robust dashboard.
• Send timely emails to the right people at the right time with secure messaging.
• Post all your company updates to one designated area with your mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

Secure Document Distribution

• Store and manage important documents in a secure location.
• Push documents directly to an individual investor or custom groups.
• Save time and reduce stress with the CRM for investors.

Cap Table Management and Visualization

• Easily upload your cap table.  
• Control views and insights of your equity dynamically.
• Track ownership and control access for investors, teammates, and others.

Delight Investors with the Nth Round Platform

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FAQs for Managing Investors

How do I make investor communications more meaningful and personal?

Direct, custom communication gets the right information to the right person and delivers a sense of commitment. Personalizing emails, updates, and documents illustrate value to your investor as an individual, not just a number.

How do I get investors to think more strategically and long-term?

What investors ultimately want is a return on their investment, but focusing on an “exit strategy” distracts from growing the business. Allowing investors to buy and sell shares on their own timeline allows you to focus on what’s most important.

What are the benefits for being more transparent with investors?

Greater transparency leads to higher engagement and loyalty. There’s no need to muddy the waters when it comes to equity. Allow your investors to have more insight into the value of their equity and, in turn, a closer connection to your company.

How do I store company stock information all in one place for investors?

Important company documents and timely updates are often posted across any number of places. A single, secure hub to store and access this information will save you and your investors time and reduce stress.

How do I get more investors to invest more in my private business?

Clear views into the value of their equity help investors feel connected to the growth and success of your company. Mixed with personal communications and greater transparency, your investors will delight hearing from you than more than when you just need capital.