Reward Employees

Attract the best talent and retain critical employees with equity offerings, easily managed in a single, secure portal for business owners and Human Resource professionals.

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Incentivize, Engage, and Retain using a Simple Stock Plan Platform

Provide transparent and robust employee shareholder relations with one powerful tool.

Offer Competitive Compensation

• Recruit top talent quickly with equity offerings.
• Streamline the management, approval, and distribution of equity.
• Provide financial benefits of equity ownership while maintaining control.

Increase Retention

• Reward performance with equity.
• Invite employees to track stock performance.
• Incentivize with KPIs or vesting schedules.

Demystify Employee Equity

• Educate employees to make informed decisions about their equity.
• Push important updates and share key documents to the right employees at the right time.
• Keep employees informed with personalized communication and secure document delivery.

Fundraising Automation

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From day one, we partner with you. Whether fundraising, enabling employee ownership, or communicating with shareholders, we will be with you every step of the way.

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Nth Round allows our employees to take true ownership of the business, see the value of that ownership, and appreciate their part in helping the company grow.

Alex DelSordo, CEO - Rower’s Choice

FAQs for Rewarding Employees

How do I get more employees to appreciate the equity compensation in a job offer?

Companies are including equity in a job offer more and more. However, employees have a hard time understanding their equity's value. By providing more transparency and showing that there’s a way to monetize it, employees focus more on contributing to company growth.

How do I get more employees wanting to understand the value of their equity?

Even if the current value of an employee’s equity is considered low, showing a valuation history and discussing metrics leading to higher valuations helps employees align with company objectives. Growth in valuation will lead to an appreciation of what it takes to ensure success for themselves and the company.

How do I get employees to think more long-term?

Employees should have realistic expectations in terms of how long success takes. Providing frequent updates on performance and encouraging perseverance strengthens company culture and resilience.

Why should private businesses establish a vesting schedule upfront?

Along with encouraging long-term thinking, vesting schedules reward employee loyalty and discourage turnover. Stating this incentive upfront establishes common expectations.

Why should a private business provide liquidity to RSUs or options for employees?

Employees often ask to forego shorter-term benefits and invest their time and energy into the company’s vision. Providing liquidity, even partially, reduces stress associated with life events or emergencies and allows more time to focus on continuing to company growth.