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Take the pain out of ownership transfers with Nth Round's equity management platform.

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Seamlessly Transfer Ownership

The need to transfer ownership isn’t uncommon, but it can be emotionally and financially challenging. Nth Round’s platform provides the tools needed for a smooth and seamless transition.

Buying Out a Partner

• Save time and money by facilitating liquidity swiftly and securely.
• Maintain control while providing the financial benefits required for planning a smooth transition for shareholders.

Succession Planning

• Offload the stress of handing over the reins to your company.
• Allow key personnel to buy shares at a fair price.
• Tie performance metrics to ownership transfers.

Simplifying M&A

• Reduce or remove illiquidity discounts from acquisition negotiations.
• Control voting rights for various parties.
• Utilize equity as a bargaining chip.

Get Going in Days, Not Months

Learn How Nth Round Unlocks the Power of Liquidity.

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FAQs for Transferring Ownership

Does someone receiving private business equity have to be an employee of the company?

No. Equity may be granted only to advisors, partners, or other third parties as compensation or an incentive. In fact, in the case of an LLC, there are restrictions against compensating shareholders in the form of wages or salaries.

How can I transfer stock options?

Stock options generally have to be “exercised” before they can be transferred or traded. Some companies do allow for a “cashless exercise”, which acts as an IOU between the option holder and the purchaser. Nth Round’s equity platform supports both stock option exercises and cashless exercises, if desired.

How do I set vesting schedules for employees?

We support a wide range of vesting schedules, which notify and deliver shares to the recipient at each vesting interval. We can help create these for you, or give you the tools to do it yourself.

How do I avoid transaction fees for transferring stock?

Using Nth Round has no transaction fees.

How can I transfer stock quickly?

Once the buyer and seller have agreed upon a price on the Nth Round platform, transactions happen in a matter of seconds.