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Transfer ownership

Create a transition plan that makes thanksgiving dinner fun again. 

A transition for valued shareholders shouldn’t hamstring your business.

An Nth Round provides a smooth off ramp to allow key shareholders to liquidate their position.

Instead of requiring an expensive secondary market to buy-back shares we provide the tools to facilitate liquidity as and when you need it at a fraction of the cost.


Providing an exit strategy for family members or long term shareholders can increase the stress on personal relationships for everyone involved in transition planning.

Expensive to mediate

Negotiating a transition strategy for family members or early shareholders can often mean involving lawyers and consultants increasing the financial overhead of providing liquidity.

Disruptive to business

Creating a transition plan for shareholders can take significant time away from growing your business for owners and employees alike.


Implement a frictionless transition without compromising control

An Nth Round makes it possible to consolidate voting control while providing the financial benefits required for planning a smooth transition for shareholders.

Create liquidity without expensive exercise restrictions

Traditional liquidity solutions like secondary markets are expensive to deploy and expensive for shareholders to use. Nth Round provides an SEC compliant liquidity solution at a fraction of the cost for everyone.

Ready to create a transition plan for your key stakeholders without the stress?