Our mission is to increase shareholder liquidity.

We envision a time in the near future when founders, family members, investors, and key employees will be free to buy or sell their shares at anytime, without worry,  hassle, or prohibitive fees.

Liquidity has been a serious need in private finance for many years, even more so recently as the IPO market has softened. One reason for this liquidity challenge is that, unlike in public markets, generally only high net worth investors may engage in private equity transactions. This means that a private company CFO must oversee every purchase or sale to assure compliance. Furthermore, the CFO needs to be aware of fiduciary duties, including fairness to all shareholders. Managing a private company’s stock book can be an onerous task, especially if investors seek liquidity.

At Nth Round, we are committed to providing liquidity for you and for your company. We know that private shareholders often wonder when they can monetize their investment. Being patient is not the best answer. We want to facilitate liquidity now, and whenever you like going forward.

The New Liquidity Opportunity

Nth Round combines a detailed legal framework with the security of the blockchain to offer tangible liquidity to shareholders.

Incentivize Stakeholders

Nth Round empowers companies to offer create equity incentives without complicating corporate governance.

Transfer Ownership

Instead of time consuming and expensive negotiations, we provide an elegant solution to stressful ownership transitions.

Raise Capital

Whether you’re starting a new venture or raising follow-on funding, Nth Round makes it simple to invite new shareholders and acquire the capital your business needs to grow.

Nth Round is based in Philadelphia and backed by some of the best investors and advisors in the world.


Seed Funding Raised


Seed Funding Raised

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