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Nth Round provides emerging and experienced fund managers the mission-critical solutions to deliver an unparalleled modern investment experience.

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Nth Round is a leader in Equity Management on G2 Nth Round is a leader in Equity Management on G2 Nth Round is a leader in Equity Management on G2

Enabling Funds Across Venture Capital and Private Equity

 Whether you're launching a new fund or streamlining operations, we're the reliable partner to funds of all sizes.

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Investor communication is more important than ever.

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Save valuable time and effort by keeping everything you, your LPs, and investors need
organized and accessible with your company's own equity management platform.

LP Portal

Your LPs land on an engaging, easy-to-navigate dashboard complete with your branding. Here they can interact with fund performance, monitor company updates, and quickly access important documents like K-1s and quarterly statements.

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Fund Administration Services

Easily view your Capital Account to see key fund metrics, quickly view and download quarterly statements, and track Events and Transactions like capital calls--all in one place.

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Secure Document Vaults

Store and share important investment and tax documents LPs can access on-demand. Post decks and presentations for fundraising. Collaborate in custom deal rooms to further strengthen the engagement between GPs and LPs.

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Signature Workflows

Collect key signatures for amendments, agreements, joinders, and more by simply uploading a template and hitting send. All signed documents are securely archived for both you and your shareholders.

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Record Equity Events

Easily add or import equity-related activities and update LP dashboards in real time. Seamlessly adjust allocations for special situations (waterfalls, tax withholdings, etc), then create custom, branded templates for notifying LPs.

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Nth Round makes our lives easier by bringing our shareholders, employees, myself and the executive team all together into one community.

Alex DelSordo, CEO - Rower’s Choice