Equity Management

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Connect to equity like never before by getting out of the rigid confines of spreadsheets and into dynamic software purpose-built to streamline workflows, track ownership, and monitor transactions with ease.

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Helping Emerging Firms and Funds Navigate
the Complexities of Equity Management

 Whether you're launching a new fund or streamlining operations, we're here to help.

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Investor communication is more important than ever.

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Everything you need in one place

Save valuable time and effort by keeping everything you and your investors need organized and accessible within your company's own equity management platform.

Dynamic Cap Table Tools

Manage as many investors, prospects, funds, and direct investments as you need—all in one place. Use custom tags to sort, filter, and create special cohorts to visualize the entire equity picture.

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Manage Vesting Schedules

Track commitments with confidence. A dynamic dashboard provides full transparency of ownership, from investment type to key vesting events. Access on-demand from your mobile phone or export with a click of a button.

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Equity Activity Reporting

Save time and reduce stress by recording all equity-related events in a single environment. Streamline efforts by consolidating key events, like capital calls and distributions, as well as transactions, like new issues and issues, that can be accessed on-demand or exported.

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Handle Complex Situations

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Learn how Nth Round uses simple, easy-to-use software to handle the complexities of equity management

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