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of Equity Management

Streamline your back-office workflows, track employee stock plans, and manage shareholders and investments all in one place.

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Supporting Private Companies of All Sizes

 Nth Round enables founders to focus valuable time and energy on what is most important at any growth stage.

Bush Brothers & Company
Green Park & Golf Ventures
Maguire Hayden
JMH Capital
Third Millennium Group
Alera Group
JM Search
Practical Venture Capital
Stockton Real Estate Advisors

Investor communication is more important than ever.

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Everything you need in one place

Save valuable time and effort by keeping everything you and your shareholders need
organized and accessible in your private company's own equity management platform.

Cap Table Management

Graduate from spreadsheets and starter software to a modern platform that enables you to seamlessly track investments and transactions among employees and shareholders across any equity structure.

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Seamless Communication

Share performance reports, tax documents, and company updates with ease. Sort, filter and tag individuals or groups to send personalized emails to the right people at the right time.  Send personalized group emails to filtered groups of shareholders, employees, and partners.

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Signature Workflows

Collect key signatures for amendments, agreements, joinders, and more by simply uploading a template and hitting send. All signed documents are securely archived for both you and your shareholders.

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Facilitate Liquidity

Create liquidity between employees, shareholders or newly invited participants in your own anonymous trading environment, available 24/7.

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Nth Round makes our lives easier by bringing our shareholders, employees, myself and the executive team all together into one community.

Alex DelSordo, CEO - Rower’s Choice