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Green Park & Golf Ventures
Maguire Hayden
JMH Capital
Third Millennium Group
Alera Group
JM Search
Practical Venture Capital
Stockton Real Estate Advisors
Life EV
Capital Suisse
Enosi Life Sciences
High Five

Investor communication is more important than ever.

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Save valuable time and effort by keeping everything your investors need organized and accessible with your company's own investor portal
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Streamline Investor Communications

Create a memorable investor experience with personalized communications and reports with just a few clicks.

Sending shareholder updates

Give your investors the white-glove treatment

It’s never been more important to deliver great investor experiences – stand out from the crowd with a modern, mobile friendly digital experience for your investors.

Modern shareholder portal

Quickly visualize your cap table

See the full picture of your equity — issue digital assets (shares/units), track ownership, and control access for investors.

Digital cap table

Raise capital faster without the paperwork

Say goodbye to paper forms with integrated digital signatures, investor questionnaires and a CRM designed for private fundraising.

Investor Questionaire

Facilitate liquidity at any time

Create liquidity between investors or newly invited participants in your own anonymous trading environment, available 24/7 to you and your investors.

Digital cap table
What our customers are saying
JR Garcia Headshot
JR Garcia
Partner, Green Park & Golf Ventures

“I track and manage 110 equity classes and 334 investors on our cap table, which can take a mountain of effort to maintain efficiently in an Excel spreadsheet. Now that I’m using Nth Round, that painstaking friction is gone."

Jim Paterno Headshot
Jim Paterno
Founder, Stockton Real Estate Advisors

“There's no question that the Nth Round Platform provides a competitive advantage, and it distinguishes us from many of the local operating partner investment platforms. Providing an institutional, forward-facing platform is extremely helpful in providing a level of credibility and comfort with our investors.”

Kevin Delgrosso Headshot
Kevin Delgrosso
Property Controller, Maguire Hayden Real Estate

“I think being able to have a direct communication link to our investors has been helpful. Sharing information is much easier, and pointing our investors to use the platform has helped alleviate a lot of the common questions we used to get prior to implementing Nth Round."

Why Nth Round?

Today’s investors have high expectations, and it’s up to founders, managers, partners, and CFOs to deliver a modern experience that doesn’t simply meet those demands, but exceeds them.

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Since 2018, we’ve been building a platform to help today’s private company and fund owners manage and track their ownership.

Graham McConnell, CEO and Co-Founder
Nth Round

Learn how busy CFOs are using Nth Round to streamline their investor workflows

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Nth Round makes our lives easier by bringing our shareholders, employees, myself and the executive team all together into one community.

Alex DelSordo, CEO - Rower’s Choice

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