What if your company had its own private stock market?


Shareholder, Adondo Corporation

I was able to purchase a ski condo by liquidating shares from an investment I thought I’d never see a return from.


Founder, Triple Bottom Brewing

We’re able to provide ownership to key employees without battling red tape or sacrificing any control.


CEO, DraftData

We’re able to unlock growth opportunities for our platform by incentivizing engagement with real ownership.

An Nth Round opens up so many possibilities.

Reward Stakeholders

Create equity incentives without complicating corporate governance.

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Transfer Ownership

Provide an elegant solution to stressful ownership transitions.

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Raise Capital

Invite new investors and obtain the capital your business needs to grow.

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Simple private trading.

We believe that trading private equity doesn’t have to be a painful endeavor. We replace expensive, time-consuming stock transfers with real-time mobile trading, and zero transaction fees.

Liquidity. Not lock up.

We empower business owners to stay in control of their company AND facilitate the liquidity their loyal shareholders deserve.

Whether you’re raising capital, transferring ownership, or incentivizing key stakeholders, an Nth Round provides the tools you need to make the best decision for your business.

Trusted by private companies large and small.

Start your journey to liquidity with Nth Round.