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Nth Round is a comprehensive equity management platform for companies of all stages and sizes. Manage equity, engage shareholders, and facilitate liquidity in an all-in-one secure environment.

Businesses Big and Small Trust Nth Round

 From spirited startups to established enterprises, Nth Round is built for you.

How Nth Round Works


Create your private portal in minutes with a secure and seamless onboarding process.


Invite new shareholders, communicate with current ones, upload important documents, and post timely information.


Energize your team by issuing Options, RSUs, SARs, or whatever plan you prefer. To maximize impact, convey share certificates, signature pages, and vesting schedules, accessible by you and your employees.


Customer Case Study

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Nth Round makes our lives easier by bringing our shareholders, employees, myself and the executive team all together into one community.

Alex DelSordo, CEO - Rower’s Choice

Benefits and Features

Delight your shareholders.

Manage, issue, and track investor communications with Nth Round, giving you more control over your private equity.


Shareholder Engagement

Create a more compelling shareholder experience with personalized communications and reports.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigate challenging regulations with seamless processes and resources designed to reduce your legal costs.

Cap Table Management

See the full picture of your equity — issue digital assets (shares/units), track ownership, and control access for shareholders and others.

Trading Platform (Optional)

When ready, provide an anonymous 24/7 trading environment for your shareholders and any new investors you'd like to invite.

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