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Family businesses face unique challenges managing generations of shareholders. The right software should empower you to operate efficiently, report seamlessly, and communicate effortlessly.  

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Investor communication is more important than ever.

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Helping family businesses connect in a digital age

Nth Round helps family businesses, especially ones with generations of ownership, face complex equity structures and timely challenges head on.

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“With the family in its fifth generation, we are now communicating almost entirely through their custom-built shareholder portal. We are so thrilled with how much time Nth Round has saved us so far, and the savings will only accumulate as we continue to work with them."

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When it comes to the future of our company, keeping our shareholders engaged is high on the list. Nth Round has provided that avenue. I see Nth Round as a tool in our toolbox to provide our customers and shareholders with solutions for the future.

Steven Asplundh, Chairman
Asplundh Tree Expert, LLC

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Nth Round helps family businesses, especially ones with generations of ownership, face complex equity structures and timely challenges head on.

Share Your Family Value & Vision

Build a dynamic ownership experience for family members and shareholders in a modern, private portal. Highlight ownership value and vesting schedules while supporting multiple stock classes and providing secure, on-demand access to K-1s, NDAs, stock certificates and more.

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Nth Round Dashboard

Operate with Confidence

Record events and valuations, filter data by share class, and export with ease all while granting your shareholders the sought-after transparency into their ownership.

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Nth Round Events & Transactions

Collaborate Across Generations

Reach any family member or shareholder cohort desired with custom tagging and filtering. Your seamless, in-platform email experience also allows pre-authenticated hyperlinks to specific portal destinations.

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Nth Round Cap Table Feature

Modernize Your Proxy Voting

Manage your entire proxy voting process by engaging shareholders directly within the portal. A simple, intuitive flow allows your shareholders to complete as many proxy votes as required in just three clicks.

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Nth Round Proxy Voting Feature

Create Liquidity with Control

Access an internal Stock Trading Platform that offers a controlled means to liquidity, when needed, for your family members and shareholders.

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Nth Round Liquidity Feature

Learn why Nth Round is the trusted partner for family businesses.

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Nth Round makes our lives easier by bringing our shareholders, employees, myself and the executive team all together into one community.

Alex DelSordo, CEO - Rower’s Choice