Delight Shareholders by Unlocking Liquidity Today

Create liquidity rapidly in your anonymous trading environment, available 24/7 to you and your shareholders.

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Liquidity in Days, Not Weeks

In addition to managing your private business investor relations, business owners use Nth Round to unlock liquidity and raise capital without bloating costs.  With your subscription, you'll be able to create a 24/7 anonymous trading environment, manage shareholder communications, and keep control of your company's destiny.

More Robust than Traditional Methods

• Get up and running quickly
• All the tools in one place
• Accessible on mobile and desktop

Cost Effective & Efficient

• Zero transaction fees
• One-time annual subscription
• No headaches

Tap Into a Global Investor Network

• Access to institutional partners
• Grow your shareholder base
• Maintain control

A How-to Guide to Unlocking Liquidity Today

Learn how to fuel your business by unlocking the power of liquidity with Nth Round.

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Customer Success Story

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“Nth Round makes our lives easier by bringing our shareholders, employees, myself and the executive team all together into one community."

Alex DelSordo, CEO - Rower’s Choice

FAQs for Unlocking Liquidity

How do I sell shares using Nth Round’s platform?

Assuming the company has a trading platform in place, it’s as simple as selecting a price and quantity and posting your order. Alternatively, you may view existing orders and transact instantly against them.

How do I determine a price?

A history of trades is a good place to look when trying to determine a fair market value. In cases without an established history, we encourage starting with a series of smaller trades in order to gauge at what price others are willing to buy and sell.

Who can trade my company's stock?

Only invited participants or existing shareholders with fully vested shares can trade.  Traders allowed into the platform is entirely up to the company.

How long does it take to set up?

You are able to be up and running within a matter of hours.

How are transactions settled?

USD transactions are generally done via wire transfer and settle within a day. Transactions will be made with cryptocurrency (ETH) and settle instantly.