How To Create Delightful Investor Reporting in Today's Digital World

From pain points to potential opportunities, learn how leading funds are innovating through digital experiences and human support.

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What to expect?

The investing world is changing by the day. Bookkeeping is light years ahead of where it was a decade ago. Snail mail is a thing of the past. And reporting expectations and requirements have evolved dramatically.

David Gerogosian is a Director at Standish Management, LLC. An international third-party fund administrator & consulting group, Standish serves all aspects of private equity. In this webinar, David broke down recent changes in the reporting world - and where he sees trends heading in the future.

Watch to hear about:

- Modern reporting requirements and expectations.

- The importance of a secure and up-to-date dashboard.

- The rise of ESG reporting.

    About the presenters:

    Graham McConnell

    Graham McConnell

    Nth Round Co-Founder and CEO, Graham helps run everything from Sales to Customer Success. Before starting Nth Round, he was involved in software development for quantitative investment firm AJO Partners with $28B under management. Prior to that, he was a product owner at Relay Network in Radnor, PA.

    David Gerogosian

    David Gerogosian

    Director at Standish Management, David has over 17 years of SBIC fund administration and consulting experience.  David works closely with Standish clients over their entire life cycle and serves as in-house SBIC regulatory and operational expert, providing counsel in the areas of fund formation, SBIC licensing, financial modeling, distribution strategies and regulatory examination preparation.

    See how top funds are creating delightful investor reporting.

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