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The Fastest Way to Communicate With Your Most Trusted Partners

In this world today where in-person meetings are few and far between and remote communication is the new norm, the tools businesses use to share important investor information must adapt to ease the administrative burden of providing their most trusted investors with important documents and the latest business updates.

Our mission at Nth Round is to help companies impress their investors by delivering better personal experiences across every touchpoint an investor has with you and your team.

Why Use an Investor Portal?

Communicating important investor updates and sharing documents via email can quickly become an administrative burden as your cap table grows. But a modern investor portal provides a new way to share reports, updates, and private documents all in one place: one that matches people's communication expectations today.

With the ability to post your latest information online, you’ll save paper and time while making sure your investors can access the information they need at any time on any device.

Impress Your Investors with a Modern Investor Portal from Nth Round

LP/Shareholder Engagement

Create a compelling LP or shareholder experience with personalized reports and communications.

Cap Table Management

See the full picture of your equity — track ownership, control access and issue digital assets (shares/units).

Trading Platform

Trading Platform

When ready, provide an anonymous 24/7 trading environment for your shareholders and any new investors you'd like to invite.

Investor Portal

Investor Portal

Stand out from the crowd with a modern, mobile-friendly digital experience for your shareholders.

Fundraising Automation

Fundraising Automation

Close new investors with digital subscription agreements and securely hosted documents and financials.

Compliance & Security

Compliance & Security

Navigate challenging regulations and securely manage shareholder data through seamless processes.

Learn how busy CFOs are using Nth Round to streamline their investor workflows

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The Nth Round Platform has been hugely helpful to us in terms of pushing out information on a regular basis, and our investors have been super receptive to that because 24/7 they can access information and know they have a central repository for all of their documentation.

Jim Paterno, Founder - Stockton Real Estate

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