A New Normal Is Here For Business Owners Looking to Transfer Ownership

Graham McConnell
A New Normal Is Here For Business Owners Looking to Transfer Ownership

Following a year of strong market performance and economic growth, business owners should have kicked off the new decade feeling pretty good, especially for those approaching retirement and contemplating the next phase of their lives.

While the baby boomer generation entered the year owning roughly 2.3 million small businesses in the U.S., many of them were “planning or considering a full or partial transfer of the business in the next two years”, according to The JPMorgan Chase Business Leaders Outlook 2019 survey. 

What was once an ideal voluntary decision for some, 2020 has forced some private business owners to reconsider their exit strategy. Now may be time to face the new normal post-COVID and decide to sell your business and retire.

Transferring ownership happens at some point for every company, and the process is often complicated. There are myriad options to consider and the decisions weigh heavy because they impact so many people--the owner, the family, the employees, etc.

Most business owners have multiple goals for the transfer or succession of their business. Of course, there are the financial considerations and concerns, but owners also want the legacy of their business to remain as well as protect their employees.

That is why, more than ever, it is essential for business owners to have a plan and a streamlined solution for transferring equity and ownership. Nth Round’s equity management platform offloads the stress associated with transferring equity, including succession planning, mergers & acquisitions, buying out partners, and redistribution of shares.

Nth Round also offers personal assistance with any services regarding the transfer of ownership. Nth Round’s team is ready to help offload the stress of handing over the reins of your company, allow key personnel to buy shares at a fair price, and tie performance metrics to ownership transfers. We simplify M&A through reduction or removal of illiquidity discounts from acquisition negotiations, control voting rights for various parties, and utilize equity as a bargaining chip. No matter the type, size, or negotiation strategies needed, Nth Round is the perfect secure and swift solution for all aspects of transferring ownership.

To learn more about Nth Round’s equity management platform and its capabilities to help navigate transferring equity of your business, please visit us here

Graham McConnell

Graham is an entrepreneur with strong passions in finance and technology, especially software development, cyber-security, and blockchain protocols. After stints at TA Instruments and Savana, Inc., Graham joined Relay Network, where he served as product owner, managing priorities for a team of twelve software developers and test engineers. Drawn to finance, Graham then joined AJO Partners ($25B AUM), a top-tier quantitative investment firm, where he oversaw software development. Today Graham runs all aspects of Nth Round operations: from product development, to sales and marketing, to customer support.