Entrepreneur Interview: Graham McConnell On Growing the Business

Entrepreneur Interview: Graham McConnell On Growing the Business

It’s always interesting to see how different entrepreneurs deal with challenges, which are inevitable as the business grows, and Graham’s story is a testament to that.

In his interview with The Kickass Entrepreneur, Graham discusses his journey to become the passionate, empowered entrepreneur he is today.

As a child, he often found himself watching his father tinkering with gadgets. Not long after, Graham was doing the same:

“I started playing with and modifying a gas-powered, RC mini monster truck that I had. My neighbors weren’t thrilled with the amount of noise it made.”

The challenges of starting a business are not uncommon, and Graham faced his share on the road to building Nth Round. But with a powerful vision and a strong support system, he has been able to thrive.

“Talking things through [with friends and family] has unfailingly been therapeutic for me, and I’m fortunate to have people around me that are always willing to listen.”

Now, Graham is focused on continuing to grow Nth Round and expand the platform even further.

“Our platform brings the [equity management] process into the digital age, creating a more robust and trustworthy source of information for the executive team, investors, and employees.”

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