How Equity Works in Today’s Evolving Marketplace

Graham McConnell
How Equity Works in Today’s Evolving Marketplace

Graham McConnell, CEO and co-founder of Nth Round, recently hosted a webinar featuring Duane D’Orazio, co-founder and managing partner of Conestoga Capital Advisors, walking through the benefits of equity compensation and ways to best engage employee shareholders using Nth Round’s powerful equity management platform.

“We’re very proud to highlight key ways customers like Conestoga are leveraging our platform to provide value and transparency to their employees and partners,” said Graham.

The webinar, How Equity Compensation Works in Today's Evolving Marketplace, focused on how Conestoga Capital Advisors uses multiple share classes to allow its founders to maintain control while phasing in new, genuine employee ownership.  Graham and Duane also covered today’s market uncertainties and considerations when issuing equity, such as how much of the company to make available and who will be eligible.

“Nth Round helps the process [of issuing and managing employee equity] and the value of growth over the period of time, which is extremely important to our partners,” Duane said on the importance of being transparent with employee shareholders.
Webinar Replay
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Other highlights included:

  • The value for a company to have an operating agreement to provide guidance in challenging situations, like retirement or disability.
  • How Nth Round’s equity management platform helps streamline the management, approval, and distribution of equity with ease and security.

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About the Speaker

Duane D’Orazio, Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Conestoga Capital Advisors

Duane serves as the Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Conestoga Capital Advisors. He oversees the company's systems, technology, and daily operations. He is a member of the firm’s Board of Managers, which oversees the management and strategic direction of Conestoga.


Graham McConnell

Graham is an entrepreneur with strong passions in finance and technology, especially software development, cyber-security, and blockchain protocols. After stints at TA Instruments and Savana, Inc., Graham joined Relay Network, where he served as product owner, managing priorities for a team of twelve software developers and test engineers. Drawn to finance, Graham then joined AJO Partners ($25B AUM), a top-tier quantitative investment firm, where he oversaw software development. Today Graham runs all aspects of Nth Round operations: from product development, to sales and marketing, to customer support.