How to Create Powerful Investor Updates Using Video

How to Create Powerful Investor Updates Using Video

Graham McConnell, CEO and co-founder of Nth Round, recently hosted a webinar presenting best practices for giving powerful shareholder updates using video within their equity management platform (EMP).

“Videos are great for delivering fast and personalized messages. They’re easier to produce than a normal [shareholder] update, and they’re easier to consume,” said Graham.
Click the image above to watch the replay, or click here.

The webinar, How to Communicate with Shareholders using Video, defined the strategy to:

  • Review past communications
  • Outline talking points
  • Acknowledge recent events
  • Inform on current events
  • Update on performance
  • Maintain positive outlook

During the Q&A, moderated by Andrew Devlin, marketing manager at Nth Round, an attendee asked, “What if I have negative or bad news to give shareholders? [Is it worth using video to update my investors?]”

Graham answered that video helps give authenticity to a business owner’s update; even if negative, it is important to mention the ways in which those negative issues are being addressed.  By using video, Graham suggested, you give yourself much more credibility.

Other key takeaways from the webinar about giving shareholder updates:

  • Create or review your shareholder communication strategy
  • Try out video updates — they’re easier to make and easier to consume
  • Be informative, be confident, be YOURSELF
  • Research tools to manage your communications in a single platform

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