Podcast: Nathan Latka interviews Nth Round CEO, Graham McConnell

Andrew Devlin
Podcast: Nathan Latka interviews Nth Round CEO, Graham McConnell

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Nth Round CEO and Co-Founder, Graham McConnell, sat down—virtually, of course—with Nathan Latka, host of The Top podcast, a leading podcast for entrepreneurs, to discuss the evolution of Nth Round and the value it provides private businesses in investor communication and managing equity.

Graham discussed how Nth Round’s equity management platform differentiates itself by creating a more engaging experience between founders and shareholders, and that it is designed to meet the specific needs of private businesses:

“Whether they’re just starting off and fundraising, whether they’re issuing equity to employees or communicating with shareholders—it really is a very flexible, powerful platform [for businesses].”

In 2018, Graham launched Nth Round to solve for a disconnect between traditional equity and tangible liquidity. Fast forward two years and that idea has blossomed into a fully-baked platform, complete with a suite of tools and resources that enable direct investor engagement, streamlined equity management, and a more transparent, personalized experience for investors.

“We built all of these tools to make sure all of your shareholders are on the same level playing field in terms of information,” Graham explained.

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Learn more about Nth Round by visiting nthround.com.

Andrew Devlin

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