Graham McConnell on Cannacurio

 Graham McConnell on Cannacurio

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Nth Round CEO and Co-Founder, Graham McConnell recently joined the Cannacurio Podcast to discuss the Nth Round platform and the value it provides to the cannabis industry and beyond.

“It’s really an underserved market in terms of banking and capitalization,” Graham offered about the cannabis sector. “That means you means that you have to turn to more individuals and look for other sources of capital.”

Graham continued, “And I think that lends itself to a platform like ours, where you can kind of take control of taking ownership over the relationship with your investors, commit to being transparent with them upfront, and align them with the long-term goals of the company so that they’re in it for the long run.”

Discussing the benefits private companies gain by leveraging Nth Round, co-host Ed Keating expressed the “headache” that can come with being a publicly traded company. “I think, if you can keep great companies operating on your platform, that’s probably a much better place to be,” he offered. “If you can be an evergreen company, do right by your shareholders, and kind of instill patience in them in terms of being long-term investors in the company, you may not really need to consider going public at some point in the future,” Graham remarked.

Asked by co-host Amanda Guerrero about exciting updates and plans for Nth Round, Graham described the company’s latest efforts to help improve the process around tax reporting as well as enhancing the platform for more institutional players, “like accelerators or incubators that they would like to onboard the platform for their portfolio companies and help them to fundraise.”

“That actually seems like it would be a perfect match for those accelerator groups,” Amanda concluded.

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