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How Stockton Real Estate Advisors delights investors with Nth Round


Jim Paterno




Stockton Real Estate Advisors is one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s leading commercial real estate firms. Specializing in everything from commercial real estate services to multi-family residential and mixed-use property sectors, Stockton provides strategic and innovative solutions to meet their clients’ diverse business objectives.


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If Stockton Real Estate Advisors understands one thing, it’s that building a trusting relationship with clients is the key to company success. In the best of times, the real estate market is a fluid and exciting one. During a pandemic? Even more so.

Stockton has been part of the fabric of the Philadelphia community for 35 years. When it comes to interacting with prospective clients, the company’s good name and stellar track record typically precedes them. However, that didn’t stop Stockton from adopting the NthRound Platform in order to provide even greater transparency and confidentiality for their clients.

Stockton’s client base is impressive, spanning real estate investment trusts, institutional owners, fund managers, non-profit organizations, corporations and individuals. “From the investment side it's an interesting time,” Stockton Founder Jim Paterno said.

Communication is constant, and secure and timely information is paramount. “We've been extremely busy on the property management and advisory side, helping our clients deal with the effects of the pandemic, and trying to create safe environments.”

“The Nth Round Platform has been hugely helpful to us in terms of pushing out information on a regular basis, and our investors have been super receptive to that because 24/7 they can access information and know they have a central repository for all of their documentation.”

– Jim Paterno, Founder, Stockton Real Estate Advisors

Safe environments are always top of mind for Stockton when it comes to client communication, especially come tax time. Tax documents like K-1s come loaded with private information. That means that providing a central, secure investor portal like Nth Round for clients to access current and historical tax documents is critical.

“The Nth Round Platform has been hugely helpful for us, because there is some sensitive information that is related to either tax returns or individual investor distributions that historically we have been emailing that, and now we've got a secure site for our investors to access,” Said Paterno. “As an investor myself, I tend to not be as disciplined about keeping things in files, so knowing that I can just go to my Nth Round site and see everything at one time is hugely helpful.”

For a company already known for having engaging and interactive client relationships, the decision to enhance that experience was a no brainer. “The initial response was exceptional,” said Paterno of the adoption of Nth Round.

“Every one of our investors had a very positive experience with the interaction and the interface, and the quality of the site, the ease in which they could navigate and access their information. And they were really excited that we took the initiative to create that platform.”

In an industry like real estate, timely and secure document delivery forges a bond of trust between a company and its clients. As Stockton moves forward with quarterly reports and other correspondence using Nth Round, they see each piece of data as strengthening that bond.

Stockton also takes pride in being known as flexible and future-forward. But that doesn’t mean that their loyal clients don’t have traditional values when it comes to information sharing. “Our investors really like to see structure, they like to see transparency, they like to see a reporting that's seamless, and thorough and disciplined, and Nth Round provides that credibility and that structure,” said Paterno. “It's very important as the markets shift and as the economy becomes very quirky and choppy to know that our investors have the confidence in the quality of the reporting that they're getting.”

It is for precisely this reason that the Nth Round Platform provides a competitive advantage for Stockton Real Estate Advisors, bringing their team’s approach above and beyond the bar set by other firms.

“There's no question that the Nth Round Platform provides a competitive advantage, and it distinguishes us from many of the local operating partner investment platforms. It provides a greater level of discipline, this time of economic uncertainty, being as institutional as possible and providing an institutional forward-facing platform is extremely helpful in providing a level of credibility and comfort with our investors.”

– Jim Paterno, Founder, Stockton Real Estate Advisors

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