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Securely share & easily manage K-1s with Nth Round's equity management platform.

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Working with Nth Round, we are able to distribute each of our K-1s in less than two days. Not only that, our investors now have a secure and centralized place to get everything they need to know about their investment.
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Software built for modern
K-1 distribution

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Secure and timely delivery

Eliminate distribution headaches and ensure each investor has on-demand access to accurate and timely tax information.

Intuitive automations

Reduce manual tasks—like stuffing envelopes—and minimize data integrity errors with easy-to-use, back-office workflows.

Exceed expectations

Meet the modern demands of your investors by providing a single, secure repository for K-1s and other important documents and reports.

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Finding the right investor portal

Today’s investors have high expectations. See how Nth Round's investor portal can help save you valuable time and impress your investors, today!

See how software for K-1 distributions can help power you through tax season

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Schedule K-1 FAQs

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What information is required on a Schedule K-1?
What are the differences between Schedule K-1s for partnerships versus S corporations?
What challenges do private companies face when distributing Schedule K-1s?