Protect Your Equity with Two-Factor Authentication

Safeguard your shareholder account information with advanced security, allowing you to confidently protect sensitive data and give owners peace of mind.

Two-factor authentication modal for secure login on Nth Round platform.

Trusted by leading private companies for secure and protected shareholder data

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How Two-Factor Authentication Works with Nth round

Secure Equity Management. Simplified.

Enhanced Security

Elevate Your Security Standards

Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive shareholder information.

Effortless Integration

Seamless Compatibility with Trusted Providers

Nth Round's Two-Factor system integrates effortlessly with top authenticator apps like Google and Microsoft Authenticator, allowing for a smooth setup and a user-friendly experience.

Administrative Control

Manage Security Preferences for Every Account

Provide the flexibility to enable or disable two-factor authentication on a user-by-user basis. This allows you to tailor security preferences to specific needs and address unforeseen circumstances.

Simple Setup

Empower Users with Simple Setup and Recovery

Shareholders can activate Two-Factor Authentication with just a few clicks and easily recover access through administrative support if challenges arise, ensuring security without compromising the user experience.

More than just software

Nth Round is your strategic partner in equity management, seamlessly integrated into your team.

Nth Round is a leader in Equity Management on G2 Nth Round is a leader in Equity Management on G2 Nth Round is a leader in Equity Management on G2

Impressive functionality, phenomenal client service

“They have transformed the equity experience from both a back-end administrative perspective as well as a front-end experience for our shareholders. We have over 600 shareholders using the product today and our folks love it.”

Eric E.

Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis

Great product and excellent support

“The product has streamlined our partner tracking, improved communications, and enhanced security of financial information. Our customer success representatives are extremely helpful and they deliver the best service I have ever experienced from a vendor.”

Joan R.

Chief Financial Officer

Trusted advisors, tailors product to fit clients needs

“Amazing client onboarding program - the implementation team bared the burden and guided us every step of the way. Rapidly became trusted advisors for our equity management decisions and administration. No other solution included product for small to midsized privately held corporations.."

Beth B.

Chief Financial Offcer

An excellent management tool

“Nth Round offers an incredible tool to manage cap tables and communicate with our Limited Partners. We've worked closely with the Nth Round team to extend and improve the capabilities of our portal, and the customer service is unbeatable."

Emma B.


Best way to manage equity and delight investors

“Nth Round team’s quick responsiveness and reliable service sets them apart from other investor portals and equity management software. I love how easily Nth Round can track and manage multiple equity classes and investors on our cap table."

Evan K.

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The right Nth Round for your business

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