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Building Evergreen Success: Insights from Dallas Clement, President, and CFO of Cox Enterprises

Join Dallas Clement, President and Chief Financial Officer of legendary Cox Enterprises, as he shares invaluable insights into his career journey, financial leadership, and how Cox's foundational values have been a beacon of success for 125+ years.

With over three decades of experience, Dallas emphasizes the importance of balancing culture, learning, and growth in any financial professional’s career trajectory. He also delves into Cox's ethos of embracing risk and innovation, even if it means competing with themselves, to stay ahead of technology and trends.

We were thrilled to have host Andrew Seski on-site at the wonderful Cox campus in Atlanta to record this episode, and we are grateful for Dallas’ contribution to the CFO conversation.

Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion on leadership, strategic vision, and the enduring legacy of Cox Enterprises.

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