Break the Bottleneck
of K-1 Distribution

Distributing Schedule K-1s to your investors in bulk can be a serious time strain. It doesn’t have to be.

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Securely distribute Schedule K-1s in hours, not days

Reduce the time it takes to organize, store and send tax documents to a fraction of what you are used to.

“Working with Nth Round, we are able to distribute each of our K-1s in less than two days. Not only that, our investors now have a secure and centralized place to get everything they need to know about their investment."

– Evan Bolinski, CO-Founder

Everything you need in one place

Nth Round’s investor portal helps solve the challenges of distributing K-1s,
saving you and your investors the most valued asset, time.

Secure Document Vault

Confidently store and share financial reports and investor K-1s in a secure centralized portal.

Modern Investor Portal

A single, secure environment for each of your investors to access K-1s and other important tax documents.

Personalized Investor Communication

Notify all of your investors with a single, secure, and personalized message that their individual K-1 documents are available.

Distributions Management

Track ownership and streamline reporting on distributions with ease and security.

See why private equity, venture capital, and fund groups choose Nth Round

Whether you are fundraising, sharing private documents or reporting to investors, we will be with you every step of the way to save you time and delight your LPs.

Automate K-1 Distribution with Nth Round today

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s setup like? Do I have time for this?

Setup takes less than a week. Send us your cap table and your dedicated Nth Round team will roll out the red carpet for your investors.

How does this compare to Yardi?

Nth Round is a full-service solution for investor communication that extends beyond our software. Customers love the personal level of support they receive and your dedicated success team will be with you every step of the way.