Bridging the Gap Between
Transparency, Control, and Liquidity

An exclusive webinar from Family Business Magazine's 2022-2023 Lunch & Learn Series

Finding a balance between maintaining control while also being transparent and inclusive with the next generation can be incredibly challenging. Explore the tools and techniques that family-owned businesses are employing to ensure success for the next 100 years.

Helping family businesses connect in a digital age

Nth Round helps family businesses, especially ones with generations of ownership, face complex equity structures and timely challenges head on.

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“With the family in its fifth generation, we are now communicating almost entirely through their custom-built shareholder portal. We are so thrilled with how much time Nth Round has saved us so far, and the savings will only accumulate as we continue to work with them."

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When it comes to the future of our company, keeping our shareholders engaged is high on the list. Nth Round has provided that avenue. I see Nth Round as a tool in our toolbox to provide our customers and shareholders with solutions for the future.

Steven Asplundh, Chairman
Asplundh Tree Expert, LLC

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Keeping the lines of communication open is an important part of honoring investors’ commitment to your company and vision, and it cements the relationships that will help you continue to grow.

This comprehensive guide will take you through the most vital aspects of communicating with your stakeholders, whether they be owners, partners, or employees.

Understand the value of communicating with investors.

Discover the six principles of successful communication.

Learn how Nth Round's equity management platform can help you streamline communications with ease.

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