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Cannacurio Podcast  with Graham McConnell of Nth Round

October 22, 2020

In the latest episode of the Cannacurio Podcast from Cannabiz Media, Graham sits down with hosts Amanda Guerrero and Ed Keating to discuss the value Nth Round provides for the underserved cannabis market.

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SaaS Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders

October 12, 2020

As co-founder and CEO of Nth Round, Graham runs all aspects of Nth Round operations: from product development, to sales and marketing, to customer support. Before starting the company, Graham started in product design and development at Relay Network, after which he joined the quantitative investment firm AJO Partners.

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Fintech Company Nth Round A Viable Option for Startups and SMEs During Covid-19

July 8, 2020

No one can underestimate the financial strain Covid-19 has put on startups – especially where funding is concerned. However, the services offered by Nth Round’s are perhaps more important now than ever before. Having raised USD$4.3 million in seed funding initially, Nth Round is an invaluable lifeline for companies in need of accessing their liquidity.

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Fintech startup Nth Round aims to help company leaders, employees manage their equity

July 7, 2020

"Private companies care about who has access to their equity, and we made the decision to put the control in their hands," cofounder Graham McConnell said.

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Startup Spotlight: Nth Round - Helping to Raise Capital

July 2, 2020

With COVID-19-related disruptions putting a strain on even the largest companies, Nth Round’s services are perhaps more important now than ever before. For those in need of fast access to their liquidity, the company could be an invaluable lifeline to staying in the market.

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Stockton Real Estate Advisors, LLC Syncs with Nth Round to Premiere Unmatched All-In-One Investment Platform for Commercial Property Investors

June 2, 2020

Stockton Real Estate Advisors, LLC announced today it has collaborated with Nth Round to provide a new tool for Stockton's investors to gain "real-time" 24/7 access to investment portfolio information. Nth Round is a comprehensive equity management platform for companies that wish to manage equity, engage shareholders, and facilitate liquidity in an all-in-one secure environment.

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Money Matters TV

December 5, 2019

James Chan, Ph. D. of Asia Marketing & Management and Paul Mitchell, a Commercial Banker, interview Graham McConnell the CEO & Co-Founder of Nth Round about a new idea in finance that provides a private market for making value in the equity of a new or old company.

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What if your company had it's own private stock market

June 13, 2019

Nth Round co-founders Graham and Chris McConnell explain how the Nth Round platform simplifies the process of getting funding and liquidity for a business.

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Yahoo Finance

May 29, 2019

Live on Yahoo Finance’s On The Move segment, co-founder Graham McConnell speaks with Adam Shapiro, Julie Hyman, and Scott Gamm, about pre-public markets and the new wave of investing. McConnell explains how Nth Round’s liquidity platform helps startup founders raise capital.

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Nth Round named one of Philadelphia’s most promising startups

January 28, 2019 Philly, a city-based technical journal, names Nth Round one of Philadelphia’s most promising startups.

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Launch Party

January 9, 2019

Philadelphia Mayor Kenney (center) speaks at the launch party for fintech startup, Nth Round, held in the startup’s Center City office space.

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Launch Party Business Journal

January 9, 2019

Philadelphia Business Journal joins the Nth Round team to celebrate the launch of their blockchain-based trading application. Friends and family were outnumbered by both business owners and investors, attracted by the concept of bringing liquidity to the private marketplace.

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